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When constructing or even renovating an equestrian arena, regardless of its intended use, one of the most important materials you’ll need to think about is the equestrian sand and thus, your equestrian sand supplier.

Would you be surprised to learn that the quality of the sand you use will affect the performance of your arena surface? That’s right, it doesn’t matter how great your surface is, if the base isn’t laid correctly with the right materials, you’ll be riding on an unstable and potentially injury inducing surface.

When it comes to choosing the right sand however, if you’re new to it, it may not seem as easy as you’d think. That might have something to do with the fact that there are thousands of different sane names and types throughout the world. Thankfully, here at Foley’s Aggregates, we have you covered. How? We know exactly what you need from us, your equestrian sand supplier when it comes to equestrian sand.

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The 3 Important Qualities Of Equestrian Sand

We know, we know, it can all seem a little daunting when it comes to ensuring you have the right sand but worry not; we have you covered as always. Below, we’ve listed the 3 most important qualities of equestrian sand. By ensuring you understand better just what’s needed from the sand in your arena base, you can make sure you’re better equipped to choose the correct sand; unless you have us do it for you of course. Whether you’re building a new riding arena entirely or simply wanting to improve your current equestrian surface, the correct sand is imperative

Equestrian Sand: Gradation

What do we mean by gradation? Well, when we talk about sand gradation, we’re actually referring to the different sized particles within your equestrian sand. When the particles of sand are all uniform, (the same size) the sand will remain loose and can shift. This will feel unstable and deep. As any rider will know, this is not what you’re looking for. When sand particles have little variation when it comes to the different sizes however, they will separate. This can lead to your arena sand packing at the bottom and remaining loose on top. The goldilocks of sand gradation is to have a range of both large and small particles. This will ensure your arena sand remains free from compaction yet offers a firm footing.

Equestrian Sand: Minerals

You might also be surprised to learn that the type of mineral within the sand can play a huge role too, as the mineral content within your equestrian sand will affect how well the sand holds up over the years. Of course, different regions of any country will affect this and it may not necessarily be something you can pick and choose, unless you’re willing to pay for delivery from a certain region of the UK. Why does this have such a big impact however? Well, when sand particles eventually become small enough, they will inevitably turn into dust. This in turn means they can become airborne… unless of course you have heavier minerals within your sand ie quartz and silica.

Equestrian Sand: Shape

Surprisingly the shape of sand will affect how the grains work together or should we say ‘nest’. This in turn will affect stability under foot. Round particles can have a tendency to create voids, offering cushioning however they can be unstable and offer little traction. Angular particles on the other hand will fit together tightly, offering traction and stability but less cushioning. The perfect shape sand however is something in between, known as sub-angular. This is where the sharp edges have been worn off. Not only does this lessen he compaction but allows for a little movement while still offering traction.

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Sand really is a true key ingredient in all arena bases and getting it right is something that cannot be emphasised enough. Choosing the wrong hand could cause expensive problems when it comes to not only rectifying your arena but also in the presentation of vets bills. 

Here at Foley’s Aggregates however, we can provide you with the perfect equestrian arena sand and we’ll do so at some of the best prices too.

Contact our team today on 01642 989 441 or email info@foleysaggregates.co.uk. We even have an online aggregates calculator so you can work out exactly what you need with ease. Check it out here.

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Contact our team today on 01642 989 441 or email info@foleysaggregates.co.uk. We even have an online aggregates calculator so you can work out exactly what you need with ease. Check it out here.