Recycled Sharp Sand In Middlesbrough

Looking For Sharp Sand In Middlesbrough?

When it comes to any construction or landscaping projects, half the stress can be finding a reliable sand supplier. In fact, finding a reliable source of sharp sand in Middlesbrough is crucial. Is it any wonder when sharp sand is in such high demand? It’s an incredibly versatile material, used in such a variety of applications from commercial to domestic. It can be used within bedding for paving stones, mixed with cement for mortar and even used for levelling lawns. Thankfully, here at Foley’s Aggregates, we have you covered with ease, thanks to our multitude of depots around the UK, offering sharp sand in abundance.

So if you’re in Middlesbrough and looking for a sharp sand supplier, whether that’s new sharp sand or the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option of recycled sharp sand in Middlesbrough, look no further than our friendly team.

sharp sand in Middlesbrough
recycled sharp sand supplier in Middlesbrough

Sharp Sand In Middlesbrough – Which Supplier?

Sharp Sand In Middlesbrough – Which Supplier?

We understand however that with one quick scan online, you’ll be met with a number of different companies offering sharp sand; inevitably leaving you none the wiser when it comes to selecting the best company to use.

Instead of telling you why you should use us however, in this blog we thought we’d provide you with the means to select the best company for the job. Why? Because we know only too well that our family-run business will no doubt come out on top each and every time. So let’s get to it.

1. Research Thoroughly – it’s always important to research the company you’re using thoroughly. Research all local suppliers of sharp sand in Middlesbrough, utilising online directories, search engines and even local business listings. Don’t forget to check reviews to help you determine their reputation and reliability.

2. Quality & Certification – make sure you’re going to receive the best quality sharp sand by ensuring you check all certification. Once again, check reviews and even word of mouth. Check out previous customers, ask around and you’ll no doubt get a good feel for the quality of the aggregates they supply.

3. Ease Of Ordering – is their website difficult to navigate? Are you finding it difficult to speak to someone on the phone? Any legitimate company should be more than willing to take your call and provide you with a person behind the company name.

4. Pricing – if it’s too cheap, it’s usually too good to be true but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be competitively priced. Shop around and make sure you’re getting a good price that ensures great quality. You could even save yourself £££’s by opting for grade A recycled sharp sand in Middlesbrough.

5. Delivery – the initial pricing of the product may be reasonable but often times the price can skyrocket due to delivery. Looking for a local company that can provide delivery at a competitive rate will always be best.

Stop Looking. You’ve Found The Best Supplier Of Sharp Sand In Middlesbrough!

Here at Foley’s Aggregates, we supply sharp sand, amongst a range of other recycled aggregates, to the whole of the UK. We have a number of different depots located up and down the country with a great deal right here in Middlesbrough. We can provide you with any tonnage of sharp sand for both commercial and domestic purposes but our services don’t stop there.

Our team are on hand at all times to provide advice and guidance wherever you might need it and work tirelessly to ensure you get the best quote with the most efficient delivery service. Whether you’re looking for recycled sharp sand or newly quarried sharp sand, be sure to call us on 01642 989 441 during office hours or email us at

In the meantime, for more information, please do check out our dedicated page to sharp sand in Middlesbrough or check out our online calculator where you can work out the exact tonnage you need for both sand and stone.

sharp sand being used in paving slabs

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via 01642 989 441 or email