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“Get The Right Riding Arena Sand & Aggregates To Ensure A Long & Healthy Lifespan Of Your Arena” – Foley’s Equestrian Surfaces

When it comes to your riding arena, there is a surface, such as a carpet fibre surface or even a rubber chip and sand mix surface. Underneath this however, you have a sub-base which forms the foundation of any one of your all-weather riding surfaces. Not only does the sub-base provide stability to the final surface, but the sub base will also act as a water storage solution, draining away water from the top surface during heavy rainfall; almost like a reservoir. This helps prevent drainage systems from being overloaded and also prevents your surface from becoming flooded and unusable.

When looking at riding arena sand and aggregates, it’s imperative that you ensure your sub-base is free draining. This means using materials that will aid water flow instead of impeding it. While some opt for any old sand as well as Type 1 aggregates when looking at the construction of their sub base, here at Foley’s Aggregates, we advise against this. Why? Because the high fines content of Type 1 can impede water flow and using the wrong sand could even mean a dangerously unstable surface. Allow us to explain.

construction of a riding arena by Prestige Arenas, featuring a Foley's Equestrian Surface
riding arena sand and surface

Riding Arena Sand & Aggregates Sorted

While your choice of sub base aggregates may be largely limited due to your geographical location, here at Foley’s Aggregates, we deliver nationwide which means wherever you are, we can provide the best recycled riding arena sand and aggregates for your arena sub base and what’s more, we’ll do it at some of the best prices too.

Don’t believe us? Why not jump on over to our sand and aggregates calculator to work out exactly how much you need, then let us create a free, no-obligation quote for you. With our depots located up and down the country, we’ll not only provide you with speedy delivery of your aggregates but we’ll also help keep delivery costs to a minimum too. It’s that simple.

The Right Riding Arena Sand

When it comes to riding arena sand, quality is everything. Great equestrian-grade sands must have certain characteristics. Equestrian sand must be made of sub-angular shaped grain particles while also having a low silt and clay content. It’s these characteristics that will help create not only a firm surface to ride on but a stable one too – pardon the pun.
Using sand with a round grain however will mean the grain not compacting correctly. This leads to an arena that rides deep. As a result, you may see a steep increase in your horse’s level of fatigue and in turn an increase in injury.

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Foley's equestrian surface on top of our recycled riding arena sand

Riding Arena Sand Is Only One Component

For the perfect riding arena, it’s important to remember the right riding arena sand is just one component. Thankfully, with the help of our sister company Foley’s Equestrian Surfaces, we can provide you with an all-weather virgin carpet fibre surface that will sit beautifully on top of our equestrian sand. With both working together, you’ll see amazing drainage and enjoy a stable, supportive surface to train on, requiring minimal maintenance too.

Want more information on recycled aggregates for you and your projects? Contact us today via info@foleysaggregates.co.uk or call our friendly team on 01642 989441 today! We’re always here to help, whether that’s helping you decide on the right aggregates for the job or helping you decide exactly how much you need. We’ll also always go out of our way to make sure delivery is as swift as possible, while keeping costs to a minimum.